Thursday, July 29, 2010

No One is as Lucky as Us

The Honda Civic Tour – Comcast Center, Mansfield MA - July 28, 2010

I had only a single ticket last night, and wound up sitting next to a ninth grade boy who was also a single ticket holder.

“This is my first concert,” he informed me. “Is it your first too?”

I told him no between my laughter. He was chatty and excited, and it was fun to have someone unused to the lights and smoke and crowd. Everything was brand new and he was curious about every detail. I had forgotten how novel the experience could be.

First up was Kadawatha. They were from Sweden, and this was their fourth gig ever. They had synchronised fist pumps and jumps and head bangs. I couldn’t make out a word their singer was saying, leading me to wonder if he was actually singing in Swedish. They were fun and loud and a good start.

Next up was Relient K. Now, I’ve had beef with Relient K for years over the lyric “proverbial sunrise” in the song “Who I Am Hates Who I’ve Been.” I had some silly argument over why I disliked it and I stupidly never gave their music a chance. I really liked it last night, and I’m ticked I didn’t listen sooner. I especially liked “Therapy” and I think I might just give their new music a chance.

New Found Glory was next. I do not know a single NFG song, but the mohawked and checkered half of the crowd certainly did. They were loud and fun and a little dirty, just as they should have been.

There was a four year old girl, the littlest Paramore fan, sitting a few rows ahead of me. She was with her father and wearing a tiny Paramore t-shirt and earplugs. She was doing this cute little dance in her seat to NFG and the punks in front of her gave her glowstick bracelets. That girl is going to grow up awesome.

Paramore played last and completely rocked the show. The boy next to me went wild, as did everyone else there. They played through their hits and much of their recent album, though my favorite bit was probably the acoustic breakdown. Hayley sang “You Ain’t Woman Enough” by Loretta Lynn, and I was blown away. Her Nashville roots were prominent and I couldn’t help but think that she could have had an amazing, sky rocketing country career had she wanted it. Absolutely amazing. This version isn’t from last night, but it’ll give you an idea of how great it was:

They also played an acoustic version of “Where the Lines Overlap” which is one of my favorite songs off of their new album. It’s about their life now, touring and the stage. I’d wanted them to sing it live and it was perfect. “I’ve got a feeling if I sang this loud enough you would sing it back to me.” The whole song is lyrically perfect for their band and it talks about how lucky they are to lead the life they live. I loved it.

In other news, Hayley’s hair is the most awesome shade of red, and her skirt had a sign hanging on it that said “Let’s be freaks.” She invited everyone to join the family. I love the music scene.

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