Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Young Veins "Change" Music Video (aka You're Not The Beatles!)

Of course. Just when I start to like The Young Veins, when their music starts to grow on me and I think, "Okay, maybe I'll buy the cd. I should have gone to that concert back in March. Lesson learned'" they do this:

You are not John Lennon, Ryan Ross. You guys are not the Beatles. I'm doing everything I can to like you over here, but the ego and the attitude were part of what turned me off in the beginning.


(Side note: Everywhere I went in Europe, people were giving me under 18 tickets to everything. When I came back, waiting for baggage at the airport, four separate teen camp counselors asked if I was lost and looking for their camp. Every bouncer and door guy who sees my ID thinks it's a fake, and many of them ask me my address or zip code or birthdate. On my real ID! So I obviously look like I'm 16, even though I'm 21.

I spent this entire video pondering if Ryan Ross has this same problem.)

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