Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Brighten - Love Me Honestly

I listen to a lot of music. I mean a LOT of music. That's why this blog is helpful, so that when I see that a band is playing at a local club, and I recognize their name, I can go back and see if I've seen them before. (The answer was yes, and I will not be going to see them again, based on my own review. That seems silly to me...) But it is impossible for me to blog about every song I listen to, and every myspace I run across.

Tonight, I was stranded. There was a song that I knew I liked about a year ago, maybe more, but I could not remember who it was by or what it even sounded like. I just recalled that it existed. I had very limited information to go on:

-It was by that band...
-Their album cover might have had a crown on it...
-The song was about love...
-I heard it on their myspace.

That describes 99% of the songs out there. None of this was helpful information. Trying to come up with any clue, I thought "Well, the band was kind of like A Cursive Memory." So I started at their myspace and low and behold, who was in their top friends: Brighten.

That was them, and this was the song. Funny how sometimes stuff actually works. I'm putting it here this time, so that I don't ever lose it again. I like it quite a bit.

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