Sunday, August 29, 2010

Last Minute Show

Does it count as a show if I walked less than a quarter mile to get there? Does it count if we got there late (my fault) and left early (friend's fault)?

Freshman orientation ends this weekend and there was a free concert on campus to celebrate. I weighed my options of "hanging out with scared freshmen" and "free music." A friend wanted to go and so free music won.

However I've made the comment before that I feel like I live a double life. There's one me that goes out to shows and stays out late and lives and breathes by music. Then there's the other me that is a complete workaholic and studies hard and is a gigantic science nerd. Neither one is a "fake" me, and neither one is a "real" me. They're both just me in different situations, but it means that I am uncomfortable merging the two into one person. So a show at school... is not really my cup of tea.

Despite the large amounts of awkward from being confused at which me I was and at being in a crowd of people I knew from school but don't really know, the show was good.

Dear Havanah
played first. They were sort of a clean version of Sublime. Their guitarist was great, and their drummer was awesome, but that's unfair to the bassist and vocalist who were also very good. Not my style, but I understand why I see them on local lineups all the time.

Bad Rabbits
played second and they had an amazing amount of energy. They were fun and tight. I loved "Stick Up Kids." I see why they're on lineups all the time too. The charisma and the music were both great. There were a few points where I forgot where I was and could have been at the Middle East, and it was a good solid set. They played a few covers scattered throughout but they bled so nicely into their set that I can't even remember what they were.

I'd give the show an A, and the crowd a C. Orientation leaders are programmed to be obnoxiously energetic, and my college is just full of awkward kids. It made for a weird night.

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