Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Venetia Fair

The semester is starting and the weather is horrible and I don't feel good and all I want is a loud rock show and a good crowd and a charismatic frontman. However Massachusetts is devoid of this kind of show. I have one lined up for November... in Rhode Island. I don't know how my concert schedule incinerated down to nothing. I want a rock show.

I think these boys would provide the kind of show I'm looking for.

They're called The Venetia Fair and they're from MA. I found out about them because they started following me on twitter, and they're not bad. They look like they'd put on a killer live show. However they have no shows scheduled.

Also on my "Want to See Live" list is My Chemical Romance. They need to get their acts together and put out their new album. So should Panic! at the Disco. And local bands should play some shows.

Give me live music.


Anonymous said...


I stumbled upon this while googling TVF

I'm Joe and I play keys in TVF. We just posted a few shows in MA, CT, and PA. We'll be posting some more in NH very soon!

Come out!

Lexie527 said...

Will do!