Monday, September 27, 2010

I'm a Month at the Museum Finalist

Sometimes, awesome things happen.

I've talked before on this blog about what I want to do with my life, my goal of changing the way the world looks at science. I posted the following paragraph here back in January:

"Hi, World. You and I need to have a chat. I mean, I know that I've told you that I want to be a thousand different things. I guess that can be confusing. I've settled, I think, on having my own show on the Discovery Channel, a research science based hour that takes the wicked awesome science happening all over the world and translates it into a medium that everyone can understand, no PhD required. It even has the added goal of making the point that science isn't just done by balding old men in lab coats, and that science is cool. Science is awesome. I will show the world that science can be done by girls with purple hair in skinny jeans and band tees, and I will pave the way for thousands of girls after me who will realize that they can both be their own awesome selves AND be science nerds, that the two things aren't mutually exclusive. I'm going to change the way this country views science. I'm going to usher in a new generation that wants to grow up to be scientists AND rockstars."

Over the summer, I stumbled across the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry's Month at the Museum Program. I fell in love. It was everything I wanted to do distilled down into a one month period, a chance to have fun and show the world how amazing science was all at the same time. I submitted an application, made a wish at 11:11, and hoped for the best.

You're here for the music blog, not a story of my life, and so I'll refrain from giving you the details of the phone interview and my trip to Chicago (so much fun!). However music is tied to everything I do and when I couldn't tell the world about the amazing things I was doing (the museum wanted to keep everything under wraps) I had to let out the awesome vibes I was feeling somehow. Cryptic lyrics popped up on my facebook and twitter, most from songs like "The Future Freaks Me Out" and "The Phrase the Pays," songs that were about busting out and taking chances. I linked to videos that make me want to go out and change the world, and listened to a short ton of Chicago bands.

"The Middle" by Jimmy Eat World came on the radio as soon as I hopped in the car today and it was one of the songs I'd listened to this past month, along with things like "Cobrastyle" and "Sleeping with Giants" and "Kiss my Sass." They're songs that make me want to go out and conquer the world. And I think, with a little help from you, I can do that. I can change the way the world looks at science, change what being a scientist means.

You can vote for me here:

I'd appreciate it greatly and I promise I won't ever lose that drive and desire. The experience thus far, the amazing things I've already gotten to do, and the huge outpouring of love and support everyone has shown me today have already made this experience worthwhile.

I'm not sure I've ever fully introduced myself on this blog, as some amount of internet anonymity is always valued, but I've now thrown myself out there for everyone to see. So, hi. My name is Alex Dainis, and I want to teach you science.

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Jeremy Nelson said...

It's funny that I just found your blog from an MSI thread on Facebook, especiall whan I had a "Month At The Museum" blog post sitting in my inbox for the past 5 days (

Good luck!