Friday, September 17, 2010

Life is Good

Life is Good Festival Day 2 - September 12, 2010 Canton, MA

This is the latest a concert post has ever been. This week has been crazy.

We arrived at the festival and made a beeline for the kids tent. That's right, we were going to see They Might Be Giants. A kids band. An awesome kids band. There were small children everywhere and it made me happy that there were little children being introduced to the amazing world of concerts. They sang "The Sun" (my favorite) and "Istanbul not Constantinople" (my concert buddy's favorite). I was also really intrigued by the sign language interpreter they had at the side of the stage. I can understand a little sign language, so I was trying to pull out the words while listening to the song, but she was also trying to sign the music and the beats as well. It was really cool.

We then ventured to get food. The festival was full of hippies. Seriously, it was this huge dust filled field full of people who were very happy and very natural, which meant they needed vegan/vegetarian options. So for festival food, it was amazing. I got some samosas from The Samosaman and they were great. Best concert food ever. We wandered around the booths for a while, then settled down on the ground to hang. I blew a lot of bubbles (bubble soap makes festivals better, always) and made some small children very happy.

We saw OK Go next. They played "Get Over It" and that made it worth it for me, really. They also sang one song a capella... and with a bell choir. It was amazing. The lead singer got out into the crowd and played a song on an acoustic, and he pulled a very embarrassed Brazilian girl up on stage to dance because she had been waving a Brazil flag. Also, a large crowd singing "This Too Shall Pass" is kind of awesome.

We trooped over to the main stage to settle in for the night. And by settle in I mean stand for four hours and claim a dusty patch of ground as our own. Guster was up next, and they were even better than they were last month. Good feeling music and a hippie crowd work well together.

Then we stood and stood and waited for Jason Mraz. He was also rather awesome. I'd never seen him live and I only knew the singles, but he's an amazing performer. He was engaging and funny and his voice is just gorgeous. He had a big band too, complete with a brass section. He danced and he pulled fans on stage to dance and he was an all around great entertainer. Also, the crowd worshiped him and I always love huge choruses of vocals when artists ask for them. We left the show covered in dirt, sun, rain, and bubble soap, but with gigantic smiles on our faces.

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