Saturday, September 11, 2010

Weezer - Memories

I'm not usually a fan of talking to store employees. I've worked in customer service and I understand that you have to approach people, but if I wanted your help I would ask.

However I wound up in a conversation with some guy who worked at Newbury Comics the other day. He noted that he was excited about the new Weezer album. I replied that I wasn't and answered his shocked face with the fact that I didn't really enjoy their last album.

"Yeah, me neither, but they're saying it'll be more in line with Pinkerton..."

I then mentioned the rumored Blue/Pinkerton tour and he agreed that it was an amazing idea. It is.

But this new album? I just don't know. This doesn't sound very much like Pinkerton to me.

Now, I don't want another Pinkerton. We already have one of those and musicians making the same music over and over is boring. But I think they're just pushing music out too fast. Just take a moment to step back and reflect and edit, Weezer. This song isn't bad, but it's not a killer either. And if this album is anything like the last, there will be maybe three good songs and a lot of weird filler.

Dear Weezer, please prove me wrong. Love, a huge fan.

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