Sunday, October 31, 2010

Just Hold On

Because of that one moment when you hold your breath and hold on to whatever's around you with the crazy hope that if you just hold onto that moment tight enough it will never go away.

Guster at Lupos in Providence, October 30, 2010

I'd forgotten those moments, when you remember that there's a world outside of the engulfing wave of sound you're currently drowning in, and you clutch onto that moment and try not to let go.

We were a little late last night, walking into Lupo's as Jukebox the Ghost was about halfway through "Schizophrenia." They were fabulous, as usual, and it was some point during their set when I just wanted to hold on and it surprised me. It was a feeling I'd forgotten, but one I used to have at every concert I went to. I don't know when that disappeared.

Lupo's was decked out for Halloween and many people came in costumes. There was this one couple dressed as Legos and they danced holding hands the entire night. It was one of the cutest things I have ever, ever seen.

Guster gets better every time I see them. They were absolutely amazing last night. They played a full, fun set, and the crowd loved them. I really love their drummer. He is so into it and I love that he hand drums and makes these amazing faces while he does it. While watching him I realized that the playful drumming is another thing I love about Jukebox the Ghost. I really appreciate a good drummer, but one who's good and having fun is even better.

Of course everyone always expects the first encore, but we made more noise than I'd heard in a while. Then after that we kept cheering and they came back again. They'd commented before that their most watched Youtube video was from an acoustic set at Lupo's forever ago, so they came out, Adam shirtless, and reenacted this. The crowd went silent to hear the acoustic, save for an almost whispered, reverent singalong. It was amazing.

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