Saturday, October 2, 2010

This Week in Music

I went to Newbury Comics with the intention of only buying hair dye. Somehow I wound up with some new CDs too. You're not even a little surprised, I know.

It's been a slow music news week, But:

- New My Chemical Romance. This almost got its own post, and would have, if there were not already two MCR posts on the front page. It's so good. I love the direction this new album is taking and I love the energy and I love the line "Shut up and let me see your jazz hands." I love so many things about this. Throw on a pair of headphones and tell me this doesn't make you want to move.

-I bought tickets this morning for both nights of Weezer in Boston. Blue/Pinkerton in full. I've wanted to hear "Only in Dreams" live for about seven years now. I could not be more excited.

-New Weezer album has been essentially on repeat for the past week. I love parts of it, but then forget them when not listening. Then I love them again. I think my review is going to be positive, but it's still going to take more listens. I can't decide if this is because I'm still on the fence or I just want to listen more.

-I've also been listening to a lot of Say Anything lately, especially "Hate Everyone" and "Do Better." I don't care what the old fans say, I think last November's self titled release is their best album.

-Rumor has it Harper's Ferry in Allston, MA is closing. I've never actually made it to a show there, though I did try desperately to get to the secret Fall Out Boy show two years ago. That's the night that made me absolutely despise parking and driving in Allston. I then outright refused to go to a show there because I hate driving there so much. That's how bad Allston is. But it's still sad to see a local venue close, and that little paranoid part of my brain is still afraid some record company somewhere is going to realize they can severely cut costs if they just prerecord concerts and play them on screens in stadiums and theaters. I mean if you're sitting way in the back you're essentially just watching it on a screen anyway, and the moment some executive who's never been in a crowd of screaming, jumping, moving, loving fans realizes that a part of my world is going to collapse. *shudder*

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