Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Triple Rainbow Awesome Tour

ALL CAPS at The Lilypad in Cambridge, October 9, 2010

Can we just take a moment to appreciate that tour name. Have you taken your moment? Okay then, moving on.

I hate parking in Cambridge. Hate it and so I normally take the T in, but I had to bring my roommate to the hospital (hearing a knock on the door and then a "Can you take me to the urgent care center?" is not the way to start your Saturday morning) so I was running late and I had to drive and I drove around for, no lie, 45 minutes before I found someplace to park. It was ridiculous.

So I missed the first act, Skyway Flyer, but I found Luke and Kristina of ALL CAPS and they asked if I minded doing the interview after. I said no, so I stuck around for the rest of the show.

Oh geek rock. I kind of love you. Mike Lombardo played a song about how "piano don't get chicks" and Alex Carpenter played songs about Harry Potter and the Hunger Games. It was awesome.

ALL CAPS is a fun live bit, and while the crowd of mainly preteen girls loved everyone they screamed and danced the most for ALL CAPS. They're dancy and fun and bouncy and everything you'd want out of an afternoon show. I was sad, however, that I had to go and put more quarters in the parking meter (damn you meters!) and so missed the last five minutes of their set, including "Don't Unplug Me." However some wonderful person uploaded it to YouTube. It's a great example of not just ALL CAPS, but the feel of the whole show.

After they'd taken pictures and signed things for every fan that waited, I got to sit down with Luke and Kristina. They're super nice and wonderful to all of their fans. Look for a link to my interview with them soon!

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