Sunday, October 3, 2010

A Veritable Confetti Hurricane

I spent most of last night at a quinceanera. I was working, serving food and cleaning dishes and making coffee and cutting cake and cleaning frosting off of pretty much every surface, but there were bubble machines and songs I hadn't heard in years and I don't think you've ever seen anyone dance so much while drying dishes.

I managed to get out in time to run home, trade frosting covered tights for jeans under my dress, and catch just the last song of The Postelles set at Brandeis. I was absolutely convinced that I'd seen them before, but I can't find them anywhere in this blog and I think maybe I'm getting them confused with someone else. I could have sworn I saw them at the Middle East and didn't like them, but I did like the one song I caught last night. I wish I could have gotten there sooner.

Ok Go
was why I was there. They played an expanded version of the set they played a few weeks ago at the Life is Good Festival, and some parts were better and some parts were worse. The hand bell choir was worse, because this time the crowd was drunk and loud and the sound didn't work well in the gym. I think the general crowd knew only two songs.

Actually, other than that, I think everything else was better.

The kid they pulled up to play on stage to play guitar with them knew what he was doing. They played an encore complete with furry guitars and light up jackets. "This Too Shall Pass" sounded amazing inside. They played more songs and they were wearing brightly colored suits and they were having fun. I love fun sets.

And the confetti. I've seen confetti used at the ends of concerts before, maybe for two songs, but they had confetti at the beginning, during the middle, and at the end. I wish we'd been closer so that I would have been within the confetti storm. I love confetti.

It was a fun set. That's all I wanted last night, and I got it.

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