Tuesday, November 16, 2010

"After All, It's Rock and Roll."

It's super cheesy, and I hate using it, but the "uniting power of music" has always amazed me. From standing at the front of a crowd of 20,000 people screaming along with Blink-182 to a tiny crowd silently focused on Amanda Palmer pouring her heart out through her keyboard, the sense of togetherness that comes from a music crowd is overwhelming. It was one thing I really did love about the scene at it's height, that it took in everyone, no matter your gender or race or orientation or viewpoints or hair color or style, and united them all around a chorus and a beat.

And the fact that Rock and Roll, the love of music and the belief in it's power, caused someone in New York to send me music and a message to keep believing? That's what makes music fucking awesome.

The lyrics are an exact description of what I'm looking for in music right now. "Remember folks we're not just saving lives we're saving souls, we're having fun."

Right now, I want to listen to Brian Fallon and Frank Turner and Jason Lancaster and Tim Barry. I want to listen to the people who understand, who believe, and who can feel.

It'll take work, I think. I'll admit that so much of the pop-punk scene was fed to us by Fueled by Ramen and Alternative Press and Pete Wentz that I never had to hunt down a show or a scene. This, however, will take just that, with a little help along the way from the other Rock and Roll souls whose paths I cross.

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