Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A Concert from Miles Away

The Dresden Dolls played two headlining shows last night and tonight at the Wilbur Theatre in Boston.

That's actually the incorrect tense. They're playing right now and I'm watching them live online. They just finished the entirety of "Yes, Virginia" with "Sing." Amanda read the "Yes, Virginia" letter before starting the song and I had one of those holding on moments, from miles and miles away, wishing I was there to sing along.

When I went to AFP's Twitter show last summer, I noted that I would go and watch her just talk for a night, no music necessary. I love the way she sees the world, and she explains it during her sets both through music and speaking. She interacts with the crowd and opens up and I love it.

The encore's starting. I so love that they're the kind of band who will livestream a concert. Not the same, and I can't imagine who utterly awesome it would be to be there right now. They're not just good musicians, they're also great, funny, personable performers. I've never heard Brian speak before these past two nights and he is just as amazing and funny as Amanda. Love, love it.

UPDATE: Amanda is running through the balcony singing "Mein Herr." I can't describe how much they perform.

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