Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Playing God

Remember, back before I saw Paramore live, when I ragged on them for ripping off No Doubt? The cover of Rock Steady and the cover of Riot! are almost identical, especially for two loud girl fronted bands, but I forgave them once I saw them rock.

However, this hair has been done before. By Gwen Stefani. So...

The video is an interesting concept, but it's the style I'm more in love with. I love her hair, even though it's too reminiscent of No Doubt, probably because Gwen is the reason I started dying my hair five or six years ago, back when No Doubt was one of my favorite bands. I've always wanted to be able to pull off a full head of bright color like this, but I tend to settle for stripes. And one of my very favorite things to pair ridiculously colored hair with is classy clothing.

I like the filming and the colors of the overall video as well. This was my late night driving album this summer and the songs remind me of backroads in Connecticut with sleeping passengers and highways in Western Massachusetts with no other cars and the scent of a show clinging to my hair.

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