Sunday, November 7, 2010

A Song With no Singer

Motion City Soundtrack and Say Anything at Lupo's in Providence, RI November 6, 2010

A Great Big Pile of Leaves
opened the show and they were a decent little rock opener on their first tour. After their set, the thirty something dude next to us leaned over. "Have you guys ever heard of Saves The Day?" he asked. "Of course!" I replied. "Good!" he said, turning to his wife. "My wife and I were wondering if anyone here would. They're more our generation..." He explained that he'd seen them ten years ago at URI and I had a brief moment of wonder as to who I would still be seeing in ten years.

Saves the Day played a lot of newer songs, much to the dude's disappointment. They used to be huge, but I only recognized a few. It really was his generation, not ours. One of the friends I was with knew more than I and loved it, and they were a good punk rock band. That sort of lasting power is hard to come by.

I've been meaning to see Say Anything for a couple of years now and they did not disappoint. They rock the whole crowd. I haven't seen a crowd move like that in a while and it was refreshing. We were all singing out hearts out to songs from all of the albums, though I was surprised they didn't play "Hate Everyone." "Do Better" was a crowd favorite, though "Woe" and "Baby Girl, I'm a Blur" and "Wow, I Can Get Sexual Too" followed close behind. The crowd loved them and they played hard and loud.

Poor Motion City Soundtrack. More specifically, poor Justin Pierre. He lost his voice, and squeaked and mouthed his way through the set. The crowd picked up some of the slack, but there was only so much we could do. We sang along, we proved that we loved them still, but it wasn't their best night. They were trying so very hard, but it's not easy to pull off a set with a singer with no voice. They played all the hits and the crowd held their own but some of the smaller songs they struggled with. It was still fun, we still danced and had a good time, but a night of vocal rest might also have been a better option in the long run. God bless him, though, for thanking us over and over and coming out at the beginning and squeaking "I'll try so so hard."

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