Friday, November 26, 2010

Weezer and My Chemical Romace - My Name is Jonas

So this is old, I know, but I currently only have tickets to see two bands: two nights of Weezer in December, and MCR at the House of Blues in May.

It's really awesome, with two amazing singers with such vastly different styles on stage together singing from my favorite album. But what's better than that is the warm up video that came out a few weeks after:

It's the way that Weezer is almost surprised that MCR knows the song so well, that MCR is proud to impress them like a couple of fans. It's the broken down version of the song and the way Rivers and Gerard smile at each other at the end, one flattered and the other mildly starstruck. It's this great interaction between the two bands, as though MCR isn't a huge rock band and Weezer doesn't know that they're cited as an influence by almost every rock band out there at the moment. It's Patrick Wilson pondering that their guests could be "zany." It's this great, great meeting and it's these sorts of videos that I wish I could capture at some point.

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