Saturday, December 4, 2010

New Cobra... Kinda.

Alexandra Burke featuring Cobra Starship, although there's a bit more of Gabe than there is of Alexandra. I wonder if the rest of the band played the music? I mean they've transferred to a very electronic sound anyways, they could be doing the beats.

"What happens on the Dancefloor stays on the Dancefloor. " Yes, yes it does.

I think I've realized another thing that really bothered me about the last Cobra album. Not only were the guitars few and far between but there wasn't a word of Spanish. The music industry cleaned away a few of the beauty marks that made the band what they were. I loved "Viva la Cobra" era shows. I loved the way the band and the music felt in 2008, and I loved their badass disregard in 2007. I loved 2009 and 2010 as well, understood that bands change and was happy that they were getting noticed by the mainstream, but I wondered if anyone remembered their original goal from Gabe's mythos of the band: "To teach hipsters not to take themselves so seriously and emo kids to stop being pussies."

They always said they'd keep touring and performing and making music until it wasn't fun anymore.

I don't think they're coming back from this tour break.

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