Thursday, December 16, 2010

Weezer Double Feature

The Memories Tour (aka Blinkerton) at the Orpheum Boston, MA - December 14 & 15, 2010

Night one began with $5 bills for taking a survey and a freezing cold theater. The Orpheum likes to keep its doors open until the headliner begins and with the weather below 20 that meant that most of the theater had their jackets on through most of both nights. Many people also had hats. Some had scarves and mittens. It was ridiculous.

Free Energy opened both nights, and though I'd seen them once before they started to grow on me by the end of night three. The poor lead singer was trying so hard to get people to stand up and dance, as that's what their music is really made for, but the crowd was frozen solid to their seats. I hate seated shows. They danced and sang and grooved anyways, and at the end of the second night hadn't moved themselves into my "I'll buy a ticket the next time they're in the city" pile, but they'd made it onto the "I might like to see them play again" list.

Weezer night one was a greatest hits set followed by the Blue Album, with a slideshow by Karl in between. The greatest hits set ran backwards through the albums starting with Hurley and skipping Maladroit. They played the obvious hits off of each one but stopped before they hit the Blue Album. They raced through the songs, Rivers gingerly climbing onto the balcony and jumping off of amps. He ran around in the crowd as well and traded a few vocals with Brian.

I'll admit that I mostly just wanted this set to be over, as what I was really waiting for was The Blue Album. It is hands down my favorite album, and from the first opening notes of "My Name is Jonas" nothing else existed but that music. I know every note on that CD by heart and they hit everyone, ending the night with "Only in Dreams." It's the concert I've wanted since I was 14, and I think I got it.

I paid a little more attention to the hits set from night two, and they threw in some B sides as well. I've never had more than a passing interest in "You Gave Your Love to Me Softly" but I love "Suzanne" and the rest of the crowd did too. I would have loved to hear "Lullaby for Wayne" but I think "Suzanne" is the Weezer fan song. You haven't heard it on the radio, it's not on the albums, but it's not a super rare B side either. It's one of the songs that should have been on an album but just didn't quite make it, but we all love it anyways.

The ended the hits set with "Only in Dreams" again instead of some of the more obvious choices from Blue, and I could not have been happier.

The Pinkerton set was great. I've never loved Pinkerton like some people do,and the first four songs have never really done it for me, but I love the back half of that CD. "The Good Life" and "El Scorcho" are just fantastic and are beyond fun live. It's an album that critics panned at first, but fans knew had something good hidden on it. I love songs more live and that was still true here, being made to listen to the whole album through with intent and a crowd behind it.

Kind of awesome.

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