Thursday, June 16, 2011

Foo Fighters Tour Rider

I love reading tour riders. What do musicians demand on tour, which foods do they abhor and which ones must poor venue assistants scour the town looking for? I understand the desire for something not out of a vending machine when you're living on the road, but demanding all of the brown M&Ms to be removed from the bowl?

The Smoking Gun just published the Foo Fighters 2011 Tour Rider. Well, they published a part of it, the ten page guide to appropriately feeding four grungy dudes. It's done as a coloring book, with activity pages and helpful illustrations, and is worth a look for the chuckle. I can just imagine some poor venue staffer circling words in the crossword, probably torn between laughter and tears. Sure, it's a change of pace from the normal list of groceries, but at what point do you step back and realize that your career choice has rockers forcing you to color in appropriate salad accoutrements?

I'm not sure if I'd qualify that as the best job ever or the worst.

PS The "No Brown M&Ms"? An easy way for Van Halen to check if someone had actually read the rider. A brown free bowl meant everything else was probably all set too.

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