Wednesday, June 15, 2011

My Heart's a Stereo

Travie McCoy's album was my summer jam last year, and after a friend dragged me down to Connecticut to see Maroon 5 last August I remembered why I'd loved them way back when. So a collaboration between Gym Class Heroes and Adam Levine was definitely on my radar. The song is not quite as much of a jam as I'd hoped, and it's a much softer sound than Gym Class used to have, but I'm sure it'll still get stuck in my head.

I love the new trend of making lyric videos before the official is released. I used to spend hours watching typography videos, have always found them super cool, and I appreciate this new wave done by the bands and record companies themselves. It's smart for them, a way to push the song before they spend the money on a true video, I just wish the internet wasn't stripping down the fan videos as well. People used to make some really interesting ones but alas, copyrights and all that jazz.

After spending much of last night playing with After Effects myself, though, I feel even happier about this than I would have normally. Dear typography, I will master you myself soon enough.

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Emily Scott said...

I just heard this song today and I loved!!!!