Monday, July 25, 2011


I discovered the other night that one of my friends doesn't know who Hanson is.

Now, I was never a crazy Hanson fan, but in second grade the girl down the street had her walls covered in magazine cutouts and posters and CD liners. I spent a lot of time listening to "MMMBop". (The date on that says 1997. I cannot believe that sitting around on Alyssa's bed listening to Hanson and The Spice Girls was 14 years ago. So crazy.)

I showed my friend “MMMBop” and she said it sounded familiar but she was convinced the people singing it were young girls. The night progressed and I never got to show her recent Hanson, but I just thought of it now, as I realized I haven’t really listened to anything recent of theirs either. I found “Give a Little” and it is just too cute not to post.

Definitely not girls.


Anonymous said...

I feel famous!!! Are all their songs very very very upbeat like that?

Lexie527 said...

I think maybe their new stuff is all a lot like this. I remember hearing something else about six months ago and having it have the same feel. Good stuff!