Monday, August 22, 2011

Who's Laughing Now

My love of Jessie J's music and style is not a secret. She writes solid pop hits ("Party in the USA") but keeps a bit of an edge to her own stuff. So in a month where everything has just gone wrong, from accidentally caffeinating a raccoon to a smoking washing machine, you just gotta keep thinking forwards to where you're going and focus on the important stuff. I love the message of "Pricetag," that it isn't about the money, but about making the world dance. Then I found "Who's Laughing Now."

For everyone with a funny voice and awful teeth and bad skin.

For anyone who has ever smashed a red sauce covered piece of pizza into the blonde, blonde hair of the popular girl, making sure to drag it across her stunned face as well. Sometimes even fifth grade Alex had to stand up for herself.

I love that the adults are all played by Jessie. It took me two viewings to catch it, and it's hysterical to me how much hair and makeup can really do. I miss my purple hair and skinny jeans and hoodies. I look like a different person.

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