Monday, September 12, 2011


Three hundred posts. They're a little sparser now, but they're still going.

I haven't posted a 300th yet because what could deserve that spot? I can think of nothing better at the moment than the stream of The Horrible Crowes' new album, "Elsie."

Brain Fallon described it as darker than Gaslight Anthem albums, and he's right, but it's also more soulful. He called for boys in ties and girls in pretty dresses at the shows, and I agree. It makes me want to slow dance in a dark room, heels slowly turning over a wood floor. Hair pulled up and lips a bright red, heavy lids and polka dots. "Last Rites" is a walk on the beach afterwards, shoes hanging from the fingers of one hand, the others twined in someone else's. It's got this old movie feel with that underlying pull of always reaching for something that Fallon's voice and lyrics always carry.

Go give it a spin.

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