Monday, September 5, 2011

Hanson Covers Weezer

Supporting my hypothesis that whether or not I love new Weezer, the fact that they keep making music is important because it keeps inspiring other bands and keeps messing with people. Part of being a Weezer fan has become being confused by their new music, but always forgiving because of Blue and Pinkerton.

Okay, so maybe I just made that hypothesis up on the spot, but I don't think it's untrue. This was one of my favorite tracks off of Red. And something about new Hanson is drawing me in. And I like their explanation afterwards. And I'm big on cover music lately. Just listen to it.

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Anonymous said...

Hanson rocks!!!Have you listened to their cover of OPTIMISTIC by Radiohead they did back in 2004?Really good...Also, one of the most beautiful Hanson songs they have is "Been There Before"..They did it in 2007..Such a soulful, soothing, beautiful song with a timeless quality...You can listen to it :