Wednesday, September 21, 2011

This City - Patrick Stump

I have thoughts.

First, I hate the videography. There's something disorienting and occluding about it. I just want to see, and I feel like there are blinds between me and the video. Second, his hair! I'm not sure why so many dudes have decided to do the short crop on the sides, flat mohawk on top look lately. I started noticing it in the spring and now it's everywhere. I don't disapprove, and I think I might kind of like it, but the sudden adoption of a seemingly awkward haircut has me puzzled.

But the song. I love his new musical direction. I love his voice, I love the freedom that I can feel in his music now, the feeling of release and soaring and happiness. Going solo was such a good thing for him, be it permanent or not. His exploration of other music, this side of him that I feel was always buried underneath trucker hats and Pete Wentz's lyrics, is fantastic and absolutely deserves to see the light.

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