Sunday, October 2, 2011

Guster and Jukebox, The Alum Show

You're so dead, old blog friend, that I forgot to write about a show. I used to have a hard and fast limit of 24 hours and this has been... eight days. But, for posterity's sake:

Guster and Jukebox the Ghost at Brandeis University, September 24, 2011.

The first time I heard Jukebox the Ghost, I probably wished they would turn it down. My sophomore year dorm was in the Brandeis castle, two rooms away from the coffee house that hosted small bands. This was great at times when I wanted to watch my friend's comedy clubs perform, or the few times when I performed there myself with the swing dancing troupe, but awful the nights before large organic chem exams when I could not study with reverberating hipster noise bands pounding through the walls.

So the first time I heard a Jukebox show, it was technically at Brandeis. However I did not know who they were until the next night when I escaped campus for the safety of a dark club and guitars. I stumbled upon Jukebox the Ghost completely by accident at the Middle East, and was always a little sad to find that what would become one of my favorite bands had literally played in my dorm. So it was fitting that my ninth Jukebox show was back at Brandeis.

It was awful, however, that it was the year after I graduated. My loyal Jukebox buddy and best friend, whom I had taken to seven shows with me, was across the country in Texas, and I and my friends were those weird kids who graduated and then came back. I've been trying to avoid campus as much as possible, despite the fact that I still know a lot of seniors, but seeing friends and former students made it alright.

I've written about Jukebox and Guster shows multiple times already, and they still rock live, so there's really no point of repeating myself. Jukebox played a few new songs, which were good, but their mix was a little off for such a large crowd and their lack of playing "Victoria" made me a touch disappointed. Their "Power of Love" cover remains fabulous and they had fun and that's really all I require. Guster was also good, music that everyone knows and feels at some point, and included a rap of their perishable food items that they donated to the audience. I've had things thrown at me at concerts before (bottles, clothing, and that one odd toothbrush) but I will admit to having never before been pelted by an avocado.

It was good, it was fun, and though it was hot and the dude in front of me kept throwing his elbows dangerously close to my nose, I had a good time. But it wasn't right, the crowd wasn't right for the music, and what is a Jukebox show without a best friend to laugh with?

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