Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Where did you go, Cobra?

New video for Cobra Starship's "You Make Me Feel" and... well...

It's a generic pop dance hit, but there's nothing super special about it and I don't think it will take off. The band is gone. Sure, Nate and Alex and Ryland and Victoria appear, but mainly towards the end and not much, and the video isn't fun. Cobra was always laughing at something, making a joke, playing on something. That was what they did. There were Spanish lyrics and tongue in cheek moments and ridiculous caricatures to make you laugh. Sure, I saw the Santi reference, and yeah, I saw Guy Ripley, but what happened to them just playing around with their friends? This is polished up to try and be a radio hit with a girl in shorts and flashy lights and it looks just like the video they did for "Good Girls Go Bad" but without the humor and narrative.

I'm afraid they've stopped having fun and along the way lost what made them special. I think they're trying to make what they think will sell, what the radios want to hear. And if this is truly the music they want to be making, then fine, but I don't think that's the case at all. Their music used to be about living however you wanted, doing whatever you wanted and causing a ruckus and dancing and screaming and telling everyone else to fuck off. There were psychedelic snakes and plays on Hollywood and gang signs and synchronized dances. They built a community, a family, and they were just friends hanging out and leading the way.

Dear Cobra, go back to writing songs that you love and not giving a shit. Please.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Horrible Crowes

After months of waiting, we get a first taste of Brian Fallon's new project with Ian Perkins: The Horrible Crowes. Just a snippet of a song, "Black Betty and the Moon."

I like it, but from the build up I'd been expecting something deeper and slower and darker. The lyrics are there but the music is lighter than I expected. I'm really intrigued as to what the rest of the album is going to sound like.

Friday, June 17, 2011


Panic! At the Disco and I have a history. They always put out the music that I need when I need it, but there's something about this latest album that I'm resisting and though I love it, and listen to it a lot, I always do it out of order. I listened to it in the correct order only twice.

Each album has had a freaky way of mirroring events in my life, and maybe, like those seven months when songs about locked hospital wings kept me from listening to "A Fever You Can't Sweat Out", I just don't want to face this one right now.

But this is one of my favorite songs from the album. It's pretty and soft and I'd be lying if I said I haven't been trying to pick it out on my guitar, singing along in the house when no one's home.

Still a little crushed that this tour came to Boston on the night of my graduation.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Foo Fighters Tour Rider

I love reading tour riders. What do musicians demand on tour, which foods do they abhor and which ones must poor venue assistants scour the town looking for? I understand the desire for something not out of a vending machine when you're living on the road, but demanding all of the brown M&Ms to be removed from the bowl?

The Smoking Gun just published the Foo Fighters 2011 Tour Rider. Well, they published a part of it, the ten page guide to appropriately feeding four grungy dudes. It's done as a coloring book, with activity pages and helpful illustrations, and is worth a look for the chuckle. I can just imagine some poor venue staffer circling words in the crossword, probably torn between laughter and tears. Sure, it's a change of pace from the normal list of groceries, but at what point do you step back and realize that your career choice has rockers forcing you to color in appropriate salad accoutrements?

I'm not sure if I'd qualify that as the best job ever or the worst.

PS The "No Brown M&Ms"? An easy way for Van Halen to check if someone had actually read the rider. A brown free bowl meant everything else was probably all set too.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

My Heart's a Stereo

Travie McCoy's album was my summer jam last year, and after a friend dragged me down to Connecticut to see Maroon 5 last August I remembered why I'd loved them way back when. So a collaboration between Gym Class Heroes and Adam Levine was definitely on my radar. The song is not quite as much of a jam as I'd hoped, and it's a much softer sound than Gym Class used to have, but I'm sure it'll still get stuck in my head.

I love the new trend of making lyric videos before the official is released. I used to spend hours watching typography videos, have always found them super cool, and I appreciate this new wave done by the bands and record companies themselves. It's smart for them, a way to push the song before they spend the money on a true video, I just wish the internet wasn't stripping down the fan videos as well. People used to make some really interesting ones but alas, copyrights and all that jazz.

After spending much of last night playing with After Effects myself, though, I feel even happier about this than I would have normally. Dear typography, I will master you myself soon enough.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

No Regrets

I have no regrets.

Everything, every decision and choice and path has brought me right here. Here might not always be paradise, but I wouldn't trade it for anything. And right now, it's perfect.

"You can dream a little dream or you can live a little dream, I'd rather live it, 'cause dreamers always chase but never get it."