Tuesday, July 10, 2012


I mean, once the Huff Post's written about it, I should probably post it on my own blog.

Have fun, be ridiculous, do silly things, and dance around your bedroom at all ages <3


RRR said...

Alex, how did the HuffPost find this? You always seem to be famous! :)

Hope all is well is adult land. Love.

AlexDainis said...

I posted it on a site called Laughing Squid and then, well... it spread :)

One day I might be famous... for science!

All is well here, hope all is well there too. Love love.

Unknown said...

You are so, so rad. I'm kinda crushin' on present day you.

Walt S. said...

Your blog seems quite interested in it's haphazard writing style; it reminds me of my own manner of thought, though less convoluted and indefinitely more organized.

Perhaps, if permissible, I might explore your blog and get acquainted?

I've never been one to read such blogs as it gives me the voyeuristic sense of flipping through the pages of someone's journal; in fact, I still have a problem view another person's facebook profile.

Allow me to sum cause my thoughts drift: please allow me to read your blog and possibly consider you in the future as a potential penpal (because I do like the idea of having penpals from around the world). ;P

p.s: I hope you have a brillant and splendid day/night as often as you can. :)

Anonymous said...

Such a cutie you are!! Mostly in the most recent. ;-) but I think it's the great attitude you give off. Bet you are fun to hang with. Good job! Enjoy your fame!