Saturday, July 7, 2012


Right. So:

There was Jenny Owen Youngs at the Middle East in March, which was sold out by the time I got to the door, but with luck and a smile and I got in. "Fuck Was I" and "Last Person."

There was Say Anything and Fake Problems at the House of Blues in April, the first show I'd been to alone in a long time. I exchanged tickets with a boy with gauged ears and promptly forgot his name. "Say Anything" and "So Good."

There was William Beckett at the Middle East again, opened by Cara Salimando, with an old concert buddy, rejected hugs, and a series of events that somehow lead to my off key rendition of "A Thing Called Love." The song, this time, from the opener: "Commonwealth."

I debated posting this so long that there was also Motion City Soundtrack, downstairs at the Middle East. The revelation that I hadn't told a soul where I was going, that no matter how great California is, I don't think any city will ever beat a Boston crowd. So June-sticky-hot that when a communal water bottle came my way a second time, and no one would take it, I said fuck with the germs. Songs that had wound their way into my coping and living years ago, the kind that well up in crowds and wait for nights like these to escape, joined by a new line which echoed so much of the past few years "It's not  a matter of time, it's just a matter of timing."


I thought about turning this into a life-blog, but as open as I'll be if you ask, I still have problems with sharing on my own. I thought about turning it into a baking-blog, but I don't want to add that element of deadlines and expectations to my most effective coping mechanism. I thought about combining them all, "Pies, Sci, and Rock and Roll," but that tagline needs some work. I thought about switching to Wordpress, starting over on a better loved platform, but couldn't leave the past four years behind.

Just in writing this, I've decided not to post it four times.

I thought about making my own template, but couldn't find the point in it. I stripped out the color and maybe that'll change. I don't want to be any kind of music journalist, had my brief taste of that and decided I was better off in the faceless crowd. I thought about hiding some of the old posts, and did for just one, then put it back. I don't want to self promote, don't really care if anyone reads. I don't need the music now like I did when this blog first started. I have only one concert lined up, months away, for bands I barely know because it's festival I like and a friend who won't go alone.

I don't know what you are anymore, blog, or what you're going to be. But I wrote this, for some reason, so here it is.

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Ken said...

"I thought about turning this into a life-blog, but as open as I'll be if you ask, I still have problems with sharing on my own."

If and when this blog is the best tool for your purpose, use it; when it's not, use something else. Do something else. You owe nothing to your itinerant audience or to the passage of time.

It's 4:52am here and I can't sleep. Saw a great Aaron Carter lip-sync video posted by a charming person who seems rather nice and doesn't take herself too seriously. That's all I really need to know about that person.

You made me smile, you made me like you as a person and, in this instance in time, you made me feel good about the world. You did that by just being you with no expectations.

Continue to do what you believe is right for the moment.