Saturday, July 28, 2012

When I Watch You

My love of Say Anything (the band, not the movie, though each time I watch it I fall back in love with Lloyd Dobler) is no secret. It started maybe four years ago, a Catholic girl at a predominantly Jewish school who found the song "Shiksa" on a mix cd.

But their first CD " a Real Boy" and "...Was a Real Boy" didn't really get a full listen until last summer. It's hard for me to choose a song here, because listening to some of the songs on this CD put me on my back in my old apartment, lying the wrong way on the bed and staring up at the dormered roof a few inches above my face. These were sticky hot days of tiny shorts and tank tops, an awkward period of being unemployed and terrified, then employed but not working. A month of weird limbo that seemed mirrored by weather too oppressive to let me do much beside lie in a dark room listening to CDs or sit on the front stoop in the tiny shade lent by the house, burning the backs of my legs on the concrete stairs, pouring through books and watching the traffic go by.

And I already liked some of the songs, "Little Girls" and "Wow, I Can Get Sexual Too" already staples of my listening collection, "Every Man Has a Molly" a great song to belt out when angry, but not much else stuck. I listened to that CD multiple times in that weird period, but it didn't fit. But when I went to see them this past March, something shifted, and the whole CD started growing and sticking in ways I didn't expect. Those songs suddenly took on more, and over the past few months, with the weirdness of the past few months, they've just been there. "I Want to Know Your Plans" and "Admit It!!!" and "Spidersong" have just been floating around in my head lately. "Woe" and "Alive With the Glory of Love."

And that's what this blog is for, right? Rambling about that six year old CD I can't stop listening to, probably to no one except myself in a few years, floating through archives and watching life stages by song choices.

I can't choose a song to embed here. All of them.

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