Sunday, September 23, 2012

Life is Good, Again

Life is Good Festival, Saturday September 22, 2012

I went to LIG two years ago, and much of this year's was the same. There were thousands of families, kids with face paint, delicious food, bubbles, dancing, and sunshine. We spent much of the day lounging on a blanket, listening to music and soaking up some sunshine.

We ate veggie burgers and lounged around during Katie Herzig. She was fun to listen to, and her band did a great mashup of "Sweet Dreams" and "Seven Nation Army."

Then we went to see some chickens, and wandered across some clowns. Dudes, it makes no sense now, but when you're there, and there's an entire stage dedicated to little kid rock, complete with bean bags for the quiet ones and bouncy balls for the crazy ones, you just kind of roll with it.

We saw Sara Bareilles later, and to be honest I went into it not expecting much. I've never been a huge fan of her music, but she was cool onstage, in an extraordinarily awkward and funny way. I only knew two of the songs, but she was still fun to listen to, as her voice is kind of fantastic in a quiet way that sneaks up on you. There was a lot of snapping. I did really like this one, which I hadn't heard before:

Next, we went to dance to Eric Hutchinson. And I don't mean watch him, or listen to him, or stand in a field and sway. I mean we danced. The music begged for shimmies and shoulder waggles and the kind of ridiculous dancing that little kids do before they learn to be embarrassed. I didn't stop moving during his set, and it felt so good.

This song was amazing live. He had a full band behind him, and I swear this song made me dance like no other. I couldn't find many versions of this online that weren't just him alone on a piano, and this one's not the best quality, but this is the energy that was happening out there under the moon.

Finally, Michael Franti and Spearhead. We didn't stay for the whole thing, as we wanted to beat a little of the traffic, but there was much dancing and howling at the moon and clapping and jumping and just not caring.

Life is Good.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Such Great Heights

The best way to get things out of my head is to write them down. If I put pen to paper, commit that thought to black and white, then I can stop holding onto it in my mind, know it will be preserved somewhere other than my synapses.

The keyboard's not as effective as the ballpoint, but it's close. I wore this song out in June, hit repeat over and over and over for about two weeks. Then I dealt with it and let it go.

Until this week. So, I'll put it here and let it go again.

"Everything looks perfect from far away."