Thursday, September 6, 2012

Such Great Heights

The best way to get things out of my head is to write them down. If I put pen to paper, commit that thought to black and white, then I can stop holding onto it in my mind, know it will be preserved somewhere other than my synapses.

The keyboard's not as effective as the ballpoint, but it's close. I wore this song out in June, hit repeat over and over and over for about two weeks. Then I dealt with it and let it go.

Until this week. So, I'll put it here and let it go again.

"Everything looks perfect from far away."


Dylan Tweedy said...

Personally I find it easier to keep things in my head, I've tried writing things down, on paper and digitally but I put it aside and usually forget about it.
Just sayin' :)

Anonymous said...

Did you know this happened with that video?

Here's the explanation:

Anonymous said...

Oops, let me try to make those links active:

Did you know this happened with that video? (you tube)

Here's the explanation: (wikipedia)